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Printing tests

When creating our own tests in alfiecloud it is not possible to print off a paper copy.This is possible for alfie templates, but not for ones we have made ourselves. In the most part we do not use the templates. 

It would be really useful if you could make this happen as whilst planning lessons it would be useful to have a paper copy to refer to. 

Thank you, 

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Hi John,

I completely agree with you, this feature has been requested quite a bit, that's why we are working on the ability for you to be able to print off custom tests, and this should be available soon so watch this space!

I asked the rep for this feature a month ago and she told me that it would upset their sister company exampro! We currently have to pay exampro to be able to print off custom made papers. Please get this sorted!

Hi Laura,

I have just spoken to our development team and I have been informed that  this particular feature Is coming really soon, Apologies for the delay and  any inconvenience this may have caused.


Great News Thank you!

Will we be able to print off mark schemes as well?


Hi Steve,

That functionality will also be added.



How is the progress on this feature coming along please? I really need to start printing these tests off so that we can plan our teaching content for them!



Hi John,

We are progressing really nicely and hope to have something to show at the coming BETT show with the full release very shortly after. We are currently just creating the content needed for the print to be crystal clear!

Thanks your for patience.

All the best,


Can someone explain why we do not have a print option even for past papers and templates.



 Hi Helen,

 I have just pinged you over an email requesting additional information.


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